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MANA is a community-focused coffee shop and apparel brand born in Scotland. We exist to connect people and places; from urban to rural, from land to sea, we create unique experiences, high-quality apparel and great coffee for life’s active journeys. 


After our brick & mortar coffee shop launched in 2023, we realised there was something missing. As a brand we stand for more than just coffee, so our small team of keen runners came together with the desire to create something bigger than us: a strong community of fitness lovers who embrace adventure and the great outdoors. 


MANA has evolved from the desire to find our people and effortlessly connect with them.  From simply serving great coffee to providing spaces, places and products where the power of connection is at the core. 


We believe in the power of authenticity and quality, bringing you products that not only meet your running, cycling and caffeine needs, but that also embody a connection to nature and each other.

MANA is built by people like you, for people like you, to connect with people like you.

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